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Make massive shifts in your career, health, fitness, relationships and more.

 Unbeatable Mind Is a Home-Coaching Program that Leverages Modern and Ancient Warrior Principles & Strategies to Elevate Your Performance in ALL Areas of Life 

Based on philosophies borrowed from the Martial Arts and Navy SEAL training techniques, Unbeatable Mind was created by Mark Divine to help you raise the performance of your mind and body, right in the comfort of your own home.
This is the MOST COMPLETE, online coaching program created and delivered by Mark Divine himself.

In a series of videos, audio and written
modules, you’ll be guided through the process of developing warrior skills and techniques in integrating them into all facets of your life—including your self-confidence, poise, focus, determination, clarity, health, relationships, career and more— for dramatically improved results and performance in all the aforementioned areas.

It begins with the Foundations Course, which includes nearly a 100 videos and written modules. Then the Advanced Training Takes You Up Another Level for Even More Mental Strength, Confidence and Success.
Here’s just some of what you’ll receive as a member in the advanced portion of the program:

√ Monthly Training Plans Delivered Each Month.

A unique and inspiring training plan, covering the elements of the Five Mountain Training, will be delivered weekly in pdf format with accompanying video. To include some or all of the following: Physical Training – including a video brief of the workout protocols and the movements; Mental Training – Including one or more exercises to work on; Emotional or Intuitional Training – one or more practices to deepen your emotional awareness, management and intuition.

√ 100% Foundations Course and Private Facebook Community Access.
You’ll have continued access to full Foundations Course archives, which will be changing monthly, along with Private Facebook Community access.

√ And much more. 

Unbeatable Mind Members Tell Us Their Lives Are Never the Same After Learning and Applying the Principles and Practices of This Program.

Join us as an Unbeatable Mind member and you can expect to develop:

  • A core foundation of power that transforms the way you look at life
  • Tremendous mental toughness and emotional resiliency that helps you power through life’s many challenges
  • Specific skill sets that SEALS use to achieve their objective, no matter how difficult, in any situation

  • Dynamic approach to strength/fitness that will change the way your body looks and raises the level in which in operates

  • Greater work capacity, stamina, functional strength and overall athletic performance 

  • An “Unbeatable Mind” that operates from a place of deep confidence, 24/7

The principles and practices of the Unbeatable Mind Program take you far beyond mental strength or focus, providing the foundational elements you need to create a completely balanced life, where you thrive in all areas including your career, relationships, health and beyond.  

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"Mark is more than a Navy SEAL. He has the ability to teach all of us how to be the one in everyday life."

- Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Race
This is not something we take lightly or for granted. Because you’re now part of the UNBEATABLE family you’re getting the family treatment. During your membership you’ll be protected by our triple membership guarantee:

Guarantee #1:
Delivery – You can count on Unbeatable MInd to deliver the highest level content each and every month like clockwork. We’ll continue to provide your monthly lesson until you tell us to stop.

Guarantee #2: Affordability – For as long as you are member of Unbeatable Mind your membership tuition will NEVER change. Obviously we will likely increase the price as time goes on but not for you!

Guarantee #3 – 100% Satisfaction – If at any time you’re not thrilled with Unbeatable Mind Academy just let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. 
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